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This is step-by-step tutorial describing how to upgrade original BMW sound system and become radio in your E46 aux compatible.


You will find here bunch of informations like:

  1. Original E46 radio units – CD, tape, MD – with AUX?
  2. How to check if my BMW E46 radio is able to play external source via AUX input?
  3. How to find unit for BMW E46 which will be compatible with AUX source?
  4. How to make E46 AUX cable?
  5. How to make smart dashboard integrated AUX plug input?
  6. How to choose good E46 Android radio?

E46 aux radio units are most desirable now for this BMW 3-series generation. These radios are the best solution if you want to use modern music sources without spoiling elegant central console design.

Range of BMW E46 head units was really impressive. However, their options waried due year of production, manufacturer or even details in serial number. All of it can be confusing if you just want to replace basic audio CD (or even tape) unit with device which at least could offer AUX input. 

Problem is even bigger if you browse eBay or other online services. All you can see there is usually some poor quality pictures of front panel and the description saying not much more than “bmw e46 cd – good condition“. That’s because the seller most probably doesn’t even know anything more about thing he is selling.

Why do I think that? Because I’ve bought lots of E46 units online and sadly I have experienced really big problems with getting actual and precise informations from sellers.

As a result I began to analyse characteristic elements of every manufacturer’s device and details of serial numbers construction, production years etc. to be able to recognize which brand is E46 radio I see on the picture and which options has it bulit in.

Due to this knowledge I even don’t need to ask about AUX source compatibility or even ability of MP3 playback. All I need is rather medium quality picture of the front panel and down side of casing.

If I have it, I know for sure what exactly am I looking at, if it’s what I’m looking for and finally if the price is right.

It is really easy and you will be able to do the same either. Just begin with this short video:

Do you want to know more details about these radios? Begin with this very first post: what kind of head units were available in BMW E46?

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