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BMW aux – cable and installation

bmw aux

BMW aux input is almost most desirable car audio feature in older models. Especially in 3er E46, 5er E39, X5er E53, X3er E83, and Z4 E86.

This post is the starting point to do DIY tutorials describing whole BMW aux solution like:

  • bmw aux cable for few bucks
  • installing aux cable
  • recognising e46 radio supporting AUX input (and maybe even MP3 CD playback)

Follow the instructions and as a result be able to upgrade your bmw car audio.


First things first: BMW aux cable

There are two ways to have one: make your own or buy premade for even less than $3

Do you prefer second option? Check premade products under this link or maybe browse propositions beneath. These are affiliate links, so if you buy anything from this list, I will earn some commision and I will be grateful for that.


However, if you want to make such cable on your own, follow these instructions:

You will need:

  • soldering iron
  • thin stereo cable (e.g. for headphones)
  • jack 3,5 stereo plug
  • goldpin plug (3, 10 or 12 pin)
  • shrink tubes to proper insulation
  • few resistors and capacitors


While you have all parts, you need to solder simple circuit and enjoy. There is one version of BMW aux cable schematic, differing pinout only. 


So here is BMW aux cable schematic:

bmw aux

BMW aux cable schematic – open high resolution


As you can see, you just need to choose goldpin plug version properly and connect pins in order. Easy like that. 

So you have the cable now. What next?


BMW aux cable installation

First of all: the way you choose to install the cable depends on your preferences and expectations. If you are ok with loose cables in cabin, just plug it into your radio and lead stereo jack into the glovebox or somewhere in central tunnel.

If you don’t want to see any additional cables, you probably would fancy discrete and professional looking aux installation like mine described in this post

Of course you can modify my solution and mount aux input somewhere else or even using ready BMW aux panel available online:

aux panels


Finally last, but not least: how to know if your radio even supports aux input?

If you have BMW e46, aux compatibility and even MP3 CD supporting is really easy to check. You don’t even need to have the device in your hands. Looking at front panel and checking serial number solves the problem. Intrigued? 

Watch this short video (less than 1,5 minute) and see visual differences between Alpine, Blaupunkt and Siemens/VDO Business CD devices:

While you probably know brand of your device, go direct to description of supporting features:





    • e46

      Hi. Pity you find these informations not helpful, but as you can read in text, this tutorial refers to CD devices only.
      However if you ask about tape radios, the answer is: there is no tape radio for bmw E46 supporting AUX by default. You can read bit more about this in this topic

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