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BMW wallpaper – (E21) 3-series


Get free high quality BMW Wallpaper for your mobile or desktop. Lots of resolutions – fits most devices like iPhone XS and even 4k display.


What you will find on these BMW Wallpaper is very first proper 3-series generation: E21. It was in production between 1975 and 1983, years of “shark nose” styled BMWs.  This model was being delivered only as 2-door body. First as coupe, but since 1978 it was also available as cabrio built by Baur. Not very beautiful cabrio to be honest. BMW E21 was first model with driver – oriented center console. It was completely new approach to dashboard styling and became BMW’s trademark for decades.


Now BMW E21 is desirable and rare classic car. If you like this model, feel free to get in on your mobile or desktop as a wallpaper. Just click images below to go to full-size image.



Mobile BMW E21 Wallpaper

bmw wallpaper e21
360 x 640


bmw wallpaper e21
375 x 667


bmw wallpaper e21
1125 x 2436 (iphone xs)


bmw wallpaper e21
1080 x 1920


bmw wallpaper e21
1440 x 2960

Desktop E21 wallpaper


bmw wallpaper e21
1366 x 768


bmw e21 wallpaper
1920 x 1080 (fullHD)


bmw wallpaper e21
4096 x 2304 (4k)



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