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6-series BMW E24 wallpaper

bmw e24 wallpaper

E24 was full-size BMW coupe from late 70’s and all 80’s decade. Now you can get bmw e24 wallpaper.

In my opinion E24 was quite special for at least two reasons. First: it was the longest being produced BMW ever, because it was offered 16 years long. Can you imagine such thing now?

Second reason: BMW E24’s styling is bit weird. Cars of this brand are usually designed by similar pattern: short front end, long (proportionally) wheelbase, long rear end. But not the E24. Profile of this car is rather unproportional due to exceptionally long front end, which is result of using… much shorter E12 and E28 5-series floor. Why did they do that? I have no idea and I haven’t found any informations about that. Maybe it was because E24 was built 2 years before E23 7-series (which has 20cm longer wheelbase)? Maybe because of BMW’s (not very good) financial condition these time? Maybe because ithe idea of continuing grand touring coupe line wasn’t very popular in BMW then, so designers had to optimise costs of production? Hard to say, but oncoming 7-series had already proper proportions.

However, first generation of 6-series is still nice to look at classic BMW. Now you can look at it everytime you wake your iphone or desktop. Get BMW E24 wallpaper for your computer or mobile.


Mobile BMW E24 wallpaper

bmw e24 wallpaper 360x640
bmw e24 wallpaper 360×640


bmw e24 wallpaper 375x667
375 x 667


bmw e24 wallpaper 1125x2436-iphone-xs
1125 x 2436 (iphone xs)


bmw e24 wallpaper 1080 x 1920
1080 x 1920


bmw e24 wallpaper 1440 x 2560
1440 x 2560


Desktop BMW E24 wallpaper

bmw e24 wallpaper 1366 x 768
1366 x 768


bmw e24 wallpaper 1920 x 1080 fullHD
1920 x 1080 fullHD


bmw e24 wallpaper 4096 x 2304 4k
4096 x 2304 4k


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