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BMW E32 wallpaper

bmw e32 wallpaper

Get BMW E32 wallpaper. The very first BMW with V12 engine.

2nd generation of 7-series was real BMW entry to luxury performance sedans. BMW E32 was one of the most advanced car these years and yet it was available not only with classic straight 6 engines (later also V8) but also mighty 5-liters V12. If this wasn’t demonstration of BMW ambitions, than what could be?

E32 had significant part in buildig of BMW’s premium image, because it was the first model with xenon lights and dual-zone air contition. It also had interesting wipers feature: the springs holds wiper arm on the glass were tightened at high speed to ensure wipers working properly even on german Autobahn. And BMW e32 was able to drive really fast. In fact 750 version was the first car with electronic speed limiter on 250 km/h.

This generation of 7 series was also new BMW styling direction established for next 14-15 years. BMW E32 wallpaper.


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