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BMW E39 aux input cable

BMW E39 aux input cable

BMW E39 aux input cable – how to do it yourself or where to buy one in good price? If you search answer for any of these questions, this is the right place


BMW E39 aux input cable is really simple analogue RC circuit, which you can do yourself using basic tools and having basic skills in electrics. In fact you need few inches of wires, two capacitors, one resistor and audio plug (usually minijack stereo 3,5mm). In fact it is very similar wiring like for E46 or E60

Genuine OEM E39 aux cable has 82110149390 part number and costs around 30-40 $. However it is reasonable to buy replacement for 10% of OEM price, due to simplicity of the circuit. There is not many points which could go wrong.

bmw E39 aux input cable

buy E39 AUX input cable 

for < 4$


E39 aux input cable – do it yourself

If you prefer DIY way than buying premade cable, here is complete e39 aux input cable schematic:

e39 aux input cable schematic



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