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BMW E45 – everything you should know


What is BMW E45 model? Is it something similar to 3-series from 1998-2005? Maybe compact version of standard sedan? Here is everything you want to know about BMW E45.


BMW E45 is one of the most desired bmw model. Stagerringly many people look for informations about this car, but with moderate luck. That is why I decided to explain what is BMW E45 and why is this car googled so often.

BMW is one of the few brands using widely manufacturer codes for their cars and generations of them. Most popular brands use descriptions like mark 1, mk1 and so on, but BMW, Mercedes and Audi describes generations of their models as combination of letters and numbers. Thanks to that petrolheads can use magical hermetic codes in conversations, but mostly it is very useful while talking about specific car parts or accesories.

If you search parts for for example 4’th generation of BMW 3-series, you don’t have to remember all these informations. All you need instead is to know, that it was BMW e46 – and this is most precise description you can imagine.

It seems simple as long you remember correct combination of letters and digits.


If you don’t have very good memory, things can get bit messy. For example: there is not very big difference between 45 and 46 number. So if you remember only part of the code, it is very possible you will missspell and search for non existing BMW E45 instead of very popular E46 model.

Ease of lapse is even bigger because of different ways of naming generations by BMW. To early 00’s things were rather simple. Mentioned 3-series was for example E46 model and was available in few versions: touring, sedan, cabriolet, coupe, compact. All of them were called E46.

Mid 00’s BMW changed their mind and decided to give unique code for every version of their cars. Then 3-series was E90 as a sedan, E91 was touring, E92 was coupe and E93 was cabriolet. Not very easy to remember for someone moderate interested in this generation of 3-series.

Remembering this it becomes more clear why so many of you search for BMW E45. It is most probably E46 what they are looking for.

So now you know: there is no such car like BMW E45



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