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BMW E60 aux cable

e60 aux

BMW E60 aux cable – how to make yourself one or buy fitting one? Here is complete tutorial if you like soldering and have free 30 minutes to spend. If not, go to linked source and buy premade E60 aux cable for less than $4

BMW aux cable is mostly the same circuit for many models, like E46. E60 aux cable is built with only three RC elements, wires and plug. Simple as that. This particular aux cable works with all E6x series, so in fact with four BMW models:

  • E60 (5-series sedan, 2003-2010)
    BMW e60 sedan 5 series
  • E61 (5-series touring, 2003-2010)
    BMW e61 touring 5 series
  • E63 (6-series coupe, 2003-2011)
    BMW e63 coupe 6 series
  • E64 (6-series convertible, 2003-2011)
    BMW e63 convertible 6 series

OEM BMW part number of BMW E60 aux cable is 65120153502 and it costs now about 60$. 

However you can save over 90% of it buying brand new aftermarket one for less than 4$: BUY AUX CABLE FOR <4 USD

e60 aux cable buy


for <4 $

How to do E60 AUX cable

Nevetherless if you want to have some satisfaction and do such E60 aux cable yourself, here is the schematic of it:

bmw e60 aux cable schematic


First of all you will need this stuff:

  • soldering iron
  • thin stereo cable (e.g. for headphones)
  • jack 3,5 stereo plug
  • goldpin plug (12 pin)
  • shrink tubes to proper insulation
  • one resistor 300k
  • two capacitors 0,22uF

Time you spend to solder cable up won’t be longer than 30 minutes I quess. But to start enjoying AUX sources in your E60 you need to do two steps next:

  1. first of all connect cable with your e60 head unit. Now go to “Entertainment” menu and turn controller clockwise to scroll through available sources. If you see AUX there, the job is finished. If not, you need to do next step which is:
  2. enable AUX supporting in your device, but to do this, you need to use service software. Every authorised BMW service or specialised in this brand should offer this kind of service

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