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E46 radio Alpine Business CD

e46 radio alpine business cd
E46 radio Alpine Business CD
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Alpine Business CD

e46 radio alpine

E46 radio Alpine unit is the top of Business CD line and offers much better sound quality than Siemens/VDO version and is higher priced. Most models on market are early ones, which reads only standard audio CD and works with cd-changer. During the years it became AUX compatible and MP3 from CD reading nice piece of audio.

Visually this radio is very similar to Blaupunkt, but there are few differences, which will help you to recognize this model.

Characteristic features of E46 Alpine Business CD front panel:

  • unlike Blaupunkt, Alpine has MODE option on the button next to SCAN
  • upper edge of disc loading slot is slightly curved
  • Alpine has has small lights at both sides of disc loading slot
  • “eject” button is more narrow than in Blaupukt

If radio fulfills these four criteria, it is for sure manufactured by Alpine.

Now you can find out if it’s AUX capable, or maybe even MP3. To know this, you need part number of the unit. Just like at Siemens/VDO, you will find this number on the sticker placed on the bottom of body. If you don’t have radio in your hands, ask seller for picture.

All it is about the last three digits of the part number. These are highlighted red on this picture:

e46 radio alpine aux sticker


And here is table, which tells you how to identify features of your E46 radio Alpine:

Last three digits of part number:241, 711, 072, 963902, 903, 505, 506429, 430, 215
  features:CDCD, AUXCD, AUX, CD MP3


Now it is all clear for you.

There is one more way how to recognize most desirable version of Alpine, which is capable CD, AUX and MP3, without knowing part number: only these models has the black radiator, which you should see on the top and left side of the casing. Every non-MP3 version of Alpine has standard, silver radiator.

However be careful with this method, because you never know if someone in the past did change the radiator only for some reason. It isn’t possible very much, but always could happen, so I recommend to use this radiator-color criteria only as a form of confirmation of Alpine version you are dealing with if you checked the part number and it has correct last three digits.


That is all about E46 radio Alpine Business CD53. If you have any questions, feel free ask in comments section. I will reply.


You know now much enough about regular 1DIN Business CD line do hunt for well-equipped version, but maybe you also are interested in top of the top? If so, go to next post, where I describe  E46 radio Harman/Kardon (Becker) Professional CD. It was the center of optional and quite expensive high-end Harman/Kardon sound system.

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