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E46 radio Blaupunkt business cd

e46 radio blaupunkt

E46 Blaupunkt business cd

business cd

E46 Blaupunkt business cd radio was the very first and in fact only CD player available since debut this generation of BMW 3-series. Apart of tape players it was only option till facelifting in 2001.

Blaupunkt business cd was simple audio CD player, which could work with CD-changer. This is dead-end model if you think about AUX upgrade, because usually it even doesn’t have pinout for AUX on the back.

Sadly, if you have this radio, you can be sure it won’t work with simple cable aux source no matter what. The only way is to replace it with another E46 CD model or aftermarket unit. Another way is to connect old radio with digital cd-changer emulator like Yatour or Xcarlink (later about them).

Characteristic features of E46 radio Blaupunkt Business CD front panel:

  • most inportant: only this one model has CD option on the button next to SCAN
  • it looks very similar to Alpine, but Blaupunkt has not small lights at both sides of disc loading slot
  • “eject” button is same height like disc loading slot and both elements are in line

After facelifting in 2001, BMW replaced Blaupunkt with two new Business CD models for E46: Siemens/VDO and Alpine. Both were initially compatible with AudioCD and cd-changer only, although year after year their specification was being significantly upgraded to AUX and MP3 compatible versions.

Go to next post and find out how to recognize most desirable versions




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