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E46 radio Harman Kardon (Becker) Professional CD

e46 radio becker harman professional

Harman Kardon (Becker) Professional

E46 radio Harman Kardon

Along with Business CD units, BMW offered also high-end Professional line available with complex E46 radio Harman Kardon sound system. It was Harman/Kardon (Becker) unit which offers completely different level of sound quality, but after all this years, it occured to be faulty, especially display.

What is wrong with the display? It just “burns out” which means blank lines or inactive pixels. Of course you can fixed it, but it will cost.

Other and quite bizzare frequent fault is… cracked front panel, usually at the left side of the display. I have no idea what’s the issue, but probably weight of the radio is bit too much for the metal construction inside. It could cause too strong tension for the panel.

Besides these faults, E46 radio Harman Kardon was and still is very good sounding gear, but only for Audio CDs. No MP3, no AUX whatsoever. Love it or leave it.

So if you are looking for radio upgrade to have more modern sources complatibility, try Alpine or VDO/Siemens unit.
Or even go for E46 Android 2-din full equipped unit.


    • e46

      Interesting. I didn’t find such information so far. Could you give source of this information? I’d gladly know more about these models.


    I saw few units on ebay. I asked sellers and they confirm, that this unit can play MP3 and AUX. Im not sure if should it be over 2006. Mine is 2005 and can not play Mp3/aux.

  2. Alan Tsao

    I have 2001 Harman Kardon system.
    Just this morning I have added in the aux in cable,DIY, to the connector pin 4 for ground, pin 8 left channel and pin 9 right channel at back however there is no source option shown whenever push the mode button.
    Means, professional stereo system is not cpmpeticity for Aux in unless it must be triggered by additional power.

  3. Eric Gates

    Alan, We would love to hear more about how you were able to get Aux (Bluetooth?) to work with the Professional stereo system. Do you have a link to a write-up or pix?

    • e46

      None of Professional radio for E46 support AUX. If you need bluetooth, you have to search for some DIY hacks, but I don’t know any working solution.

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