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E46 radio Siemens VDO Business CD

siemens vdo e46 radio
E46 radio Siemens VDO Business CD
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Siemens VDO Business CD

E46 radio Siemens VDO is most popular E46 aux CD player on second-hand market. It’s the easiest way to find original BMW device compatible with AUX sources and even reading MP3 files from CD.


E46 radio Siemens VDO

Characteristic features of E46 Siemens/VDO Business CD front panel:

  • only this model has “BMW BUSINESS CD” sign over the volume knob
  • disc loading slot is very close to volume knob
  • eject button is much bigger height than disc loading slot

Now you know how to recognize Siemens/VDO basing on front panel. Next, you probably would like to know what are the features of particular one device you look at. To know this, you need to see down side of the casing. You will find there big sticker looking more or less like this:

e46 aux siemens vdo

On this example sticker you see highlighted red two crucial information:

  • date of production (month – year): 11-04
  • model number: on our example is VD10064… but it can also start with letters “PH”

Here is table, which will tell you how to identify features of your E46 radio Siemens VDO:

Date / Model number letters<= 10-02> 10-02 to 07-04> 07-04

The summary is:

  • every Siemens VDO unit produced after 2004 can can be connected with AUX source via cable
  • every Siemens VDO unit with number followed by VD letters can be connected with AUX source via cable and can read MP3 files from CD

E46 radio Siemens VDO is best value for money and relatively easy to buy, but offering quite average soung quality. It is not bad quality of course. If you have used Pioneer, Sony or JVC budget devices so far, you will be totally satisfied. However it is just decent mid-range device.

However if you need really good sound quality, you should search Alpine Business CD devices. Alpine is more expensive, but sounds way better in every frequency range than Siemens VDO. Here is the post about E46 Alpine Business CD.


  1. Dennis

    How does the Blaupunkt headunit compare to the Alpine in terms of sound quality? As it as inferior as the Siemens/VDO? Thanks.

    • e46

      Sound quality of Blaupunkt is pretty like Siemens/VDO. It sounds like regular aftermarket budget unit. Alpine sounds significantly better in terms of low end and midrange.

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