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E46 radio Siemens VDO Business CD

siemens vdo e46 radio

Siemens VDO Business CD

E46 radio Siemens VDO is most popular E46 aux CD player on second-hand market. It’s the easiest way to find original BMW device compatible with AUX sources and even reading MP3 files from CD.


E46 radio Siemens VDO

Characteristic features of E46 Siemens/VDO Business CD front panel:

  • only this model has “BMW BUSINESS CD” sign over the volume knob
  • disc loading slot is very close to volume knob
  • eject button is much bigger height than disc loading slot

Now you know how to recognize Siemens/VDO basing on front panel. Next, you probably would like to know what are the features of particular one device you look at. To know this, you need to see down side of the casing. You will find there big sticker looking more or less like this:

e46 aux siemens vdo

On this example sticker you see highlighted red two crucial information:

  • date of production (month – year): 11-04
  • model number: on our example is VD10064… but it can also start with letters “PH”

Here is table, which will tell you how to identify features of your E46 radio Siemens VDO:

Date / Model number letters <= 10-02 > 10-02 to 07-04 > 07-04

The summary is:

  • every Siemens VDO unit produced after 2004 can can be connected with AUX source via cable
  • every Siemens VDO unit with number followed by VD letters can be connected with AUX source via cable and can read MP3 files from CD

E46 radio Siemens VDO is best value for money and relatively easy to buy, but offering quite average soung quality. It is not bad quality of course. If you have used Pioneer, Sony or JVC budget devices so far, you will be totally satisfied. However it is just decent mid-range device.

However if you need really good sound quality, you should search Alpine Business CD devices. Alpine is more expensive, but sounds way better in every frequency range than Siemens VDO. Here is the post about E46 Alpine Business CD.


  1. Dennis

    How does the Blaupunkt headunit compare to the Alpine in terms of sound quality? As it as inferior as the Siemens/VDO? Thanks.

    • e46

      Sound quality of Blaupunkt is pretty like Siemens/VDO. It sounds like regular aftermarket budget unit. Alpine sounds significantly better in terms of low end and midrange.

      • Dennis

        Thanks again. I would be interested in your thoughts, I’m looking at to upgrade my Blaupunkt unit. I would like to keep things as original as possible, so my main candidates are a “high end” Alpine or Becker. I mostly listen to radio and I have a H/K sound setup. Would you wait out for a Becker to pup up or go with the juciest Alpine?


    Thank you for all your very valuable information after 20 yrs of E36 328i magic I moved on to an E46 .Sadly i had disposed of most of my cassettes 20 yr ago so the OMP cassette player that came with it was useless also does not recognize the presence of a correctly loaded CD auto changer so I decided to upgrade to a CD Aux enabled OMP As you point out the market is awash with old items that will not support Aux I tried to find an Alpine unit but no joy so I have settled for a Siemens Will let you know how i get on. Would the Siemens Cd Head support a CD auto changer ?

  3. Jose silva

    Hello, i have a business cd vdo 02/07, but i can`t put it resding cd mp3 or aux cable why is that?
    Thank you

  4. rushko

    I got my hands on two VDO devices recently, but both of them had the same issue: once I insert a CD, it can’t be ejected, just some mechanical noise when pressing eject button. The first one was from 2005, the second was 2004. I guess just a bad luck…

    • e46

      As far as I know for E83 thing is simple: for sure AUX and MP3 compability has Professional model, but every Business CD can play AUX if has this option enabled. It can be programmed.

  5. Anonymous

    Okay, how to enable the AUX option? So, it isn’t a plug and play diy project? Mine are business cd btw

    • e46

      If your device suports aux you just need to connect aux cable and radio will see new source

  6. Jack

    hi, I have the siemens radio, manufactured in 12-04 with serial number starting in VD. I bought an adaptor from amazon that plugs in to the back right blank slot (looking at the radio from the back) and it recognises there’s an aux but whenever I connect anything to it, the radio will automatically go back to fm frequency. would it be a faulty adaptor?

  7. Muhammad Aura

    Hi i have an E83 with siemens radio business cd. Manufactured at 07-04 with the serial number started with PH. Is it suitable for aux cable installation?

  8. Urch

    Hi, i have bmw siemens business cd, manufacture date 01/06 and serial started with VD. ı tried 2 different aux cable but its not worked. I was checked the software code and it ends with 660. All the things shows its capable with aux but its not work.

  9. Adem Mert Zorlu

    I have 04-04 siemens vd and 11-04 siemens vd products in my hand. I changed the cable pin entries, it is not activated. I’ll be happy if you can help me.

    • e46

      Could you explain what is the problem? I’m not sure if I understand what means “I changed the cable pin entries, it is not activated”. What kind of entries you mean?

  10. Adem Mert Zorlu

    I’m tired now. I have been dealing for about 2 weeks. Editor, I would appreciate if you help me. ?

  11. Shah

    I have a 10-04 Siemens VD unit so meets the aux criteria. I’m confused as to how to plug aux in. I have qlrge connector module at the back which covers 2 smaller connectors. I’ve seen AUC Bluetooth adapters for E46 on ebay but I can’t understand where those connectors plug in, because the 2 small ones are blocked once you plug the large adapter back on to the unit.

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