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How to make e46 AUX cable?

e46 aux

If you already have radio with AUX input option, you are half way to use your external source of music. Second half is proper e46 aux cable, which will allow you to connect your smartphone or music player with e46 radio.

Luckily, original BMW e46 aux cable schematic easy to find in the net, but why should you google it, if you already have one here:

e46 aux cable

Looks easy, right? And it really is.


What will you need to make your own e46 aux cable:

  • 3,5mm stereo jack male plug
  • two 0,22 uF capacitors (50V will be totaly fine)
  • one 300 kΩ resisor (0,25W will do the job)
  • one 2x5pin gold pin connector
  • few inches of wires

As you can see on the schematic – the cable is quite simple, so I guess you don’t need any more informations to set things up.

It will be totally enough if you solder RC element as a “spider” connection, without any printed board. At this level of complicity, circuit will be durable and long lasting.

You can just make cable like on this schematic and lead jack end of it into some accesible place (like glovebox), but if you are not a big fan of unconnected cables on your dashboard, check my proposition of sorting this out:

complete description of factory-looking dashboard integrated AUX input


Of course you can also buy lots of premade cables for few bucks like this:

premade e46 aux cable






  1. madjid ait mesghat

    j’ai fabriqué ce câble mais il marche pas sur ma bmw par contre sur une autre bmw sa marche je vois où le problème je demande si tu peux m’aider

    • e46

      Well, I would probably answer if you would ask in language I can understand. French is beautiful, but I’m not familiar with

  2. Gianluca Chetcuti

    Hi, I am not very familiar with electronics but I would like to attempt this DIY. Thanks for sharing.
    To confirm, the schematic depicts a 300 Kilo Ohm resistor yet your part list states a 330 Kilo Ohm resisitor, which is the correct resistance? Or does it not make a difference?
    Thanks and regards

  3. Marco

    Hi there,
    Quick question: what about the early e46 models (my 328ci is from the first batch of 1999)? There doesn’t seem to be an aux-in-mode even though i can connect the cable you propose in the back of the head unit (bmw business CD) I just can’t switch to that input. Any suggestions?

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