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Tag: aux

BMW E39 aux input cable

BMW E39 aux input cable

BMW E39 aux input cable – how to do it yourself or where to buy one in good price? If you search answer for any of these questions, this is the right place   BMW E39 aux input cable is really simple analogue RC circuit, which you can do yourself…

E46 tape players

e46 tape players

Like CD models, E46 tape players were available in two sizes: 1 din as standard tape player and small navi 2 din as big navi and/or tv In fact even in 1997 E46 tape equipment was really outdated, so never became desirable piece of gear. Only advantage of these devices…

E46 Android radio

E46 Android

So you have BMW E46 and you want to use modern music sources, right? You have two ways then: you can switch your standard Business CD radio to higher model, compatible with MP3 CD and AUX as well as just replace original BMW radio with the aftermarket one. If so,…